Here’s a 12-minute interview that Geoff did with Jennifer Urezzio on Soul on the Run Radio Show. We talk about:

  • The difference between spirit-led v ego-led relationships
  • How can someone who may feel that they are “not enough” in a relationship, view themselves in a non-judgmental way.
  • How to determine which way to go to have the best possible relationship

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What are you willing to fight for…

Buddhists talk about the veil of illusion.  The illusion that this life is static and permanent.  We become absorbed in this cloak of SELF and believe that we are this baggage of flesh indifferent to the true self that is contained within and filled with vibrant, endless, universal energy.  Our lives become an extension of this SELF in fulfilling superficial wants and desires.  Our fight in life is to satisfy the desire of the personal SELF.  Our existence is from the context of ‘How can I benefit’ or, ‘what’s in it for me?’ We act on our desires or out of fear to satisfy the SELF.  We journey through life in this me first mentality indifferent to the pain and hurt we inflict on others along our path.

We spend our existence on this planet as if it is one of only THIS lifetime.  This is shortsighted and small.  It is an existence of SELF and ego led by fear that keeps us limited and contained.  Read more:  https://zenrevolution.wordpress.com/tag/poetry/